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Principle, composition and maintenance method of high energy igniter

2023-01-30 11:45:59

  High energy igniters are mainly used in various places where ignition and ignition are required, such as furnaces, heating furnaces, chemical waste gas, coking and steelmaking plant waste gas, and are composed of three parts: high energy igniters, ignition rods, ignition, and electrical cables. The capacitor is selected for energy storage, which has a large kinetic energy for losing heat. The semiconductor material for losing heat nozzle has a stronger self-cleaning level, and is not subject to environmental pollution hazards. It is alkali resistant, waterproof, slag resistant, and heat resistant.



Principle: Select an AC current of 220V50HZ, raise the voltage to more than 2500 volts according to a step-down transformer, and charge the energy storage capacitor battery after passing through the rectifier. When the battery charging voltage exceeds the penetration voltage of the gas discharge tube, the voltage in the energy storage device will charge and discharge the semiconductor material nozzle based on the ignition, cable, and conductive rod of the gas discharge tube, Placing both sides of the nozzle under the influence of a single pulse voltage with a higher kinetic energy value and a very high value produces a stronger spark discharge on the surface of the semiconductor material as an open flame for ignition.

The ignition device of Xuzhou Jieneng Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of a switching power supply, ignition coil, distributor, ignition power switch, spark plug, additional resistor, short circuit equipment, high-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines, etc.

1. Switching power supply: composed of battery and generator. During operation, the ignition is supplied with low voltage electrical energy from the battery; During startup, when the voltage of the generator set is higher than the voltage of the battery, the motor provides low-voltage electrical energy for ignition.

2. Ignition coil: Converts the 12V low-voltage power provided by the on-board power supply into a high-voltage line that can penetrate the gap of the spark plug electrical stage.

3. Distributor: Under the propulsion of the generator set crankshaft, timely connect and disconnect the initial and intermediate currents of the ignition coil, causing the ignition coil to immediately create a high-voltage circuit, and transmit the high-voltage circuit to each cylinder spark plug in accordance with the ignition sequence; At the same time, it can automatically and manually change the ignition duration. The function of the capacitor is to reduce the spark at the circuit breaker contact and increase the voltage of the ignition coil secondary coil.

4. Ignition power switch: Operate the conduction of low-voltage power supply in the ignition system, and operate the startup and shutdown of the motor.

5. Spark plug: Introduce direct current into the combustion chamber, causing a spark discharge to ignite the mixed gas.

6. Additional resistor shorting device: Short circuit the additional resistor during startup to expand the initial and intermediate current flow of the ignition coil and improve the spark plug's ignition kinetic energy during startup

Routine maintenance methods for high energy igniters:

1. Regularly maintain the electric nozzle, conductive rod, cable, and igniter for any problems;

2. It is strictly prohibited to plug in the igniter when there is no contact fire rod for high voltage export of the igniter to avoid damaging the internal structural components of the igniter.

3. During the installation process, it is prohibited to hit and knock the electric nozzle and ignition rod to avoid damaging the waterproof sleeve of the insulation layer and causing power loss.

4. In use, while ensuring successful ignition, minimize the ignition duration as much as possible, typically 10 seconds, with an interval of 15 seconds between two ignition attempts. When continuous ignition is required, it should not exceed 5 minutes, and when 50 joules are required, it should not exceed 3 minutes.


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